What is a Superloo?

Superloos are self-contained, single-occupancy toilet cubicles that include a toilet, hand-washing and hand-drying facilities. They offer maximum privacy for users of all users and future proof against the unknown gender of building occupants, making them perfect for commercial environments.

Sunlit Days Vanities are the centrepiece to luxury washroom toilets, transforming them into a distinctive space inspired by the effortless beauty of the Mediterranean.

Sunlit Days by Cosentino is a bold and eco-conscious washroom option, and we use advanced fabrication techniques to create unique vanities that can be made bespoke to your requirements.

Details make a difference

Bespoke basins enhance high-end commercial washrooms - choose from several options.

Vanity VB500

Vanity VB600

Vanity VB700

Sunlit Days Silestone® is manufactured using 100% renewable electricity and 99% reused water. Cosentino offsets any additional emissions through UN-backed carbon removal schemes.

HybriQ+ Technology

Blending quartz, other premium minerals, and recycled glass, HybriQ+® allows for deeper colours, textures and shades. Each HybriQ+ sheet uses a minimum of 20% recycled materials.

Solid Surface has a smooth, premium look and a completely seamless finish, which is perfect for easy-clean, luxury washroom environments.

Our expertly crafted premium solid surface vanities can be manufactured bespoke from a selection of colour matched basin options, alongside our standard options in white - suitable for single superloos or shared-use commercial washrooms.

Premium Basin Options

Vanity VB500

Vanity VB600

Vanity VB700

Basins By Others

Vanity VB100

Vanity VB200

Vanity VB300

Colour Options

Premium basin options can be matched in our variety of vivid & striking colours.
With standard options in white to complement high-end washrooms.

Beautifully bespoke

Clean and understated but highly practical, our all-in-one mirrorBox makes the best use of available wall space. They can be configured with sensor taps, soap dispensers, and hand driers and are etched to signal their location.






A mirrorBox can be etched with standard signals, with bespoke etching available.
Contact our specification team
to discuss bespoke mirror boxes for your scheme
Duct panels conceal pipework and cisterns behind urinals and WCs, offering a functional yet contemporary aesthetic to high-end washrooms.
From classic woodgrains to maximalist hues, duct panels can match or complement our cubicle ranges, lockers or benches to create a luxurious washroom aesthetic.