Bespoke Disabled Washrooms by Concept Cubicle Systems

Bespoke Disabled Washrooms

Concept Cubicle Systems has long championed inclusive design needs, and we are able to install a range of washrooms suited to people living with disabilities, older adults, and others with mobility issues. 

Building washrooms that can be comfortably used by all is not just a moral imperative, it is a legal requirement. Whether you are looking for disabled washrooms for your office, school, or retail space, CCS can build and install comprehensive and durable cubicle systems for you.

The Rules Around Disabled Washrooms

While disabled washrooms have existed in some form for many decades, more recent legal developments in the UK have clarified specific standards for disabled washrooms and requirements for installation in new buildings.

The Equality Act

The 2010 Equality Act protects the rights of all disabled people, specifying that reasonable adjustments are expected to allow disabled people to gain access to education, employment, housing, and services like shops and banks. This can be through changes like installing lifts, wheelchair ramps, and disabled washrooms. The Equality Act also specifies the need for auxiliary aids such as providing information in braille. As the term reasonable adjustments is not clearly specified, many buildings constructed before 2010 remain inaccessible to disabled people, though a failure to make reasonable adjustments could be the subject of a discrimination claim.

Building Regulations

Under Document-M of UK building regulations, all newly constructed buildings must be accessible for the disabled, including wheelchair users. This of course means that disabled washrooms are a necessity in all new buildings. The government has also recently enforced the installation of Changing Places toilets in all large new buildings used by the public, such as leisure centres, supermarkets, and government buildings. 

Changing Places are larger disabled washrooms, intended for the severely disabled, with hoists, curtains, and adult sized benches. This is a hugely positive step, with the government acknowledging the need for disabled bathroom solutions for severely disabled members of our community.

Minimum Sizes

The recommended minimum size of a disabled washroom is 2.2 by 1.5 metres, though larger spaces will of course provide a more comfortable experience for disabled users. A Changing Places toilet will need to be at least 3 by 4 metres. It is important to adhere to these disabled washroom standards, as they ensure that your facilities can be safely and comfortably used by people with disabilities. Disabled washrooms typically include a raised height toilet, grab rails, lever activated wash basins, and alarm cords.

The Importance of Inclusive Design

While the government mandating the necessity of disabled access and disabled toilets is a great step forwards, there is still much left to individual developers and business owners in terms of the scale of their commitment to building truly accessible toilets. Ideas like automation, in terms of cleaning or access may well be the next frontier of inclusive design. Other ways that inclusive design can be easily implemented can include lower basins, urinals, or hand dryers. Height adjustable handrails can also be very useful.

Our Range of Disabled Washrooms

CCS prides itself on its commitment to inclusive design. We offer a range of washroom designs, which we can tailor around your needs. We supply high quality, stylish disabled washrooms across the UK.


With the exception of our Olympus Glass cubicles, all of our wide range can be ordered in different sizes upon request. When looking to construct a disabled washroom, we can build you cubicles precisely fitted to your space requirements. A great choice for a disabled washroom would be our Force Privacy style, which builds you sturdy floor to ceiling washrooms, usable for both showering and toilet facilities. Force Privacy cubicles are designed to withstand heavy use, offering things like impact and scratch resistance.

They offer great privacy to their users, making them fantastic for disabled washrooms, offering security and comfort for users. They are also hygienic and easy to clean, and come in a range of over 50 colours. Whether you are looking to install a disabled washroom in a campsite, an office, or a high end restaurant, we will have a stylish and easy to clean cubicle that is perfect for you, in a wide variety of colours. CCS can work with architects throughout a building project, or help optimise an existing space. 

We offer a range of samples at our website, allowing you to see our range of colours and materials in person.

Sturdy and Reliable Products

Our cubicles are built to last, giving you a brilliant disabled washroom for many years to come. Our durable surfaces can offer great protection, including from cracks, scratches, moisture, heat, chemical and impact resistance. Whether you are installing a disabled washroom in a school, a motorway service station or a museum, our cubicles offer considerable protection and peace of mind to you. Reliability is vital too, as our cubicle doors must open many thousands of times without fault. Our cubicles are designed to be permanent fixtures within your building.

Bespoke Design and Efficient Installation

CCS designs, supplies, and installs disabled washrooms across the UK, each one tailored to our client. Our combination of standardised specifications and bespoke design allows us to offer an unparalleled blend of style and function, on time and on budget.

We use Building Information Modelling processes to direct our design and installation process. By combining our expertise with a data-led modelling approach we can save both time and money on our processes.

You can explore some of our work through our case studies page. A great recent example would be our work installing more than 2500 duct panel sets for NHS Trusts during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Cost of Our Disabled Washroom Cubicles

CCS will work with you to build disabled washrooms around your budget, whether you are looking for a high end bathroom or a more affordable installation. As our contracts are bespoke, we will need to have a conversation with you about your needs before we can make an estimate for pricing. We believe in offering competitively priced products, and offer a price match guarantee on all of our projects.

Get In Touch With Us Now

Contact us through our website using our enquiry form and we can start discussing potential disabled washroom solutions for your company or project. Whatever your size or budget, we can supply high-quality cubicles for your disabled washroom facilities.

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